March SME Courier and Shipping Newsletter 2023

Hello again!

Here we'll explore some of the events we have attended this month, ICS2 updates for you to be aware of and some hopeful insight from Forbes (as we love to keep on top of industry news and stats).

>> ICS2  supports the implementation of customs safety and security regulations


The second schedule of changes were implemented March 1st 2023. More will follow March 2024. These changes impact shipments going to and through the EU.

What does this mean for you? You'll need to have the below information for all shipments in order to avoid any disruption or additional costs.

Goods description - critical / HS code - critical /  EORI number - critical / Shipper name / Shipper Address / Recipient name / Recipient address / Number of packages / Weight & quantity / Waybill identifier. 

Contact us for support for your next shipment.


>> Spring into business - with Networking Essex plus the Craft Show at NEC


Show season is well underway and our team sprung into action last week by touring a few key shows. We started at the Networking essex - Spring into Business Expo and met a few new faces as well as caught up with old friends and customers.


We then headed down to the Creative Craft Show at the NEC, Birmingham and explored the city that is this show! There were some incredible businesses and it was very exciting to see all of their goods and find out what they are planning for the next few months.


Keep your eyes peeled on our LinkedIn page for an article reviewing the shows highlights.


>> Forbes report an anticipated increase in sales 2023


"E-commerce sales are expected to grow 10.4% in 2023

Since 20.8% of retail purchases are expected to take place online in 2023, it's no surprise that e-commerce sales are supposed to increase as well. With more customers shopping online, your business can sell more and earn more as a result."


Are you expecting an increase this year? Let us know on our socials!

You can read the full report at


- A reminder of the areas we service -


Through our dedicated customer care and our discounted rates, we are now an established and highly recommended choice for SMEs in Essex, Central and East London and beyond.

Thanks for reading! 

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NEXT MONTH: Republic of Ireland Postcode changes and more>>

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