June Shipping and Courier Newsletter 2023

Tuffnells goes into administration

We were sad to learn that delivery giant Tuffnells went into administration this week. They were specialists in the delivery of long items and because of this were providers to some of the largest businesses in the UK including Wickes and Evans Cycles.

Cycling News UK quoted Rick Harrison, managing director at Interpath Advisory and joint administrator: “Tuffnells is one of the UK’s most recognisable logistics companies, providing delivery services to over 4,000 businesses across the UK under its ‘The Big Green Parcel Machine’ brand.

The impact of this will be felt by customers of course and we understand there are pathways online for end users to seek information about their parcels, however our thoughts are with the many on employees on who this will have the most significant impact.


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The race to find a better courier - horses for courses!

As a small business, choosing the right courier service is crucial for ensuring efficient and reliable shipping of your products. With numerous options available, here are some factors to consider when selecting a courier. What is right for one, is NOT for another and it's worth ensuring your are always checking the options available as you needs change. The top things to consider are: 



  • Delivery Speed
  • Coverage Area
  • Reliability
  • Tracking and Communication
  • Pricing Structure
  • Customer Service
  • Integration Options
  • Additional Services


Our team carefully consider all of your needs and will help guide you towards the best courier deal and package available. What you need yesterday may not be what you need tomorrow so having access to real time costs and quote from MULTIPLE carriers can make all the difference to your business (and peace of mind!)


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We asked ChatGPT which small businesses are likely to trend in 2024?

This is what popped up…

E-commerce and Online Retail

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Products

Health and Wellness

Technology and Software Services

Remote Work and Collaboration Tools


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