August Shipping and Courier Newsletter 2023

Shopify Announces Second-Quarter 2023 Financial Results

Shopify is second only to Woo Commerce checkout as the e-commerce platform of choice for UK SMEs

It's recent profits are credited to a few business highlights including:

- Integrated Shop Pay Installments into Shopify Point-of-Sale allowing retail merchants the ability to offer in-store shoppers the same payment flexibility offered online.

- Completed the U.S. roll out of Shop Cash, a rewards program that allows shoppers to earn Shop Cash on eligible Shop Pay purchases and redeem it in the Shop app.

- Launched Shopify Bill Pay, a new tool that streamlines expense management by enabling merchants to manage and pay vendors directly in the Shopify admin.

- Completed the previously announced sale of the Shopify Logistics businesses.

See all of the details here, on their website.

It's never too early to plan for a great Christmas!

Organising shipping early ahead of Christmas is vital for UK businesses to navigate the challenges associated with increased demand, limited carrier capacity, global supply chain issues, and customer expectations. By doing so, businesses can ensure smoother operations, better customer experiences, and ultimately maintain their reputation and profitability during the holiday season.

Read on to see why it is so important to plan what you need early.


ICS2 - Delays to import following changes last month

As of last month, consignments that lack the proper completion of mandatory data fields in documentation will face the possibility of experiencing delays, potential returns, or even potential disposal.

This is because of newly introduced revisions to ICS2 - ICS2 represents a regulatory revision mandated by the EU, with a primary emphasis on further enhancing the security of internationally shipped parcels.

This revision empowers customs authorities to proactively recognise items that might necessitate scrutiny at an earlier point in the logistics process and to execute the necessary measures accordingly. 

If you are experiencing delays and want more help in managing your consignments, please get in touch.

Contact the team or READ OUR ICS2 GUIDE HERE

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